Restoring or returning a historic car to its exact original specification, or perhaps that of a significant period during its history is not always an easy task. Often a car is changed and developed over years by different owners leaving missing parts, changed paint/trim schemes and many unknown factors. Therefore, it is imperative that thorough research is undertaken in order to be absolutely sure that every detail of a project we are involved with is correct.

Not only do we have our own depth of knowledge, but we also work alongside respected marque specialists, authors and motoring historians such as David Burgess-Wise in order to be sure of every detail when in any doubt.

 Whether it is in order to preserve a vehicles integrity or to win an international Concours event, having a full understanding and vision of what is correct down to the finest detail can make all the difference to the outcome of a project. This research can become even more vital and complex if a car needs to be restored to the specification of a  particular period in its history.

Talbot Lago 90120 Fully Restored by Akvr

Bugatti Royale Napoleon Exact Replica created by AKVR for the Donnington Collection 

Aston Martin Ulster Prepared by Akvr

Ex Mille Miglia Alfa Romeo 8C Touring Restored by AKVR

Ex Mille Miglia Alfa Romeo 8C Touring Restored by AKVR